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    of all translated and subbed content


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    on one random night in december 2019, an international fan decided she would try subbing some wayv content...

    the next day, wayv subs and translations was born!


    wayv subs and translations is run by one girl who is passionate about helping bridge the language barrier between wayv and international fans around the world.

    that's me, if you couldn't tell 😉

    i personally translate and sub all the wayv content you see on this site and associated platforms into english for international fans. in other words, i'm just your local friendly neighborhood wayv fan who happens to do a lot of subbing in her spare time 😄


    Here, you will be able to find all translated and subbed content categorized by both content type and member.

    You'll also be able to find content here available in languages other than english! these subs are crowd-sourced and contributed by passionate and talented members of the fandom, most of whom use my English subs as their "base" for translating into their own languages and adding subs onto my youtube channel via community contributions. I take absolutely no credit for these subs. That all goes to them! 😊


    Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope my efforts are able to make your experience as a WayV fan just a little bit more fun, more exciting, and more meaningful ❤️

    so enjoy the content, and let's fly high together with wayv!

    frequently asked questions

    Just me! 😊

    This is a one-woman site, and I personally translate and subtitle all the WayV content you see on this site and associated accounts/video platforms into English for international fans.

    Not a single penny!

    i translate and sub wayv content because i love wayv as a group and i just want to help international fans connect with them on a deeper level.

    i never planned to make money from translating and subbing :)

    Any ads that you do see on my videos are placed there by companies who have copyright claimed my videos (ex. when a wayv member plays a certain song in their livestreams), not me 😊

    this... is kind of a tricky question 😅

    i only consider myself fully fluent in two languages: english and Mandarin.
    However, if you really want to know the details...

    I can fully understand and speak a bit of my family's hometown dialect.

    I have intermediate knowledge of french and korean, both of which i am actively self-learning.

    I have basic knowledge of spanish, thai, and cantonese, but... those are veryyy rusty

    and now... thanks to certain members of Wayv, i've started to pick up a little bit of german and japanese as well.

    nobody ever said subbing for wayv was an easy job 😂
    Good thing i like languages!

    While I used to sub almost everything wayv released, I will no longer be doing so as of Jan 2021

    I love translating and subbing, but I am no longer able to find as much time to sub absolute everything as I did from from dec 2019 to july 2020 when I was truly just churning out english subs

    Rest assured, I'll still be here translating and subbing, just not as often :)

    Update: Youtube unfortunately no longer allows community contributions as of September 28

    yes, yes, and yes!

    the community contributions on my youtube channel are turned on, which means that you can contribute subs in your own languages directly on my channel using my english subs as a base translation and be credited for them!

    in fact, that's how all the content under "available in these languages" came about!
    if you choose to do so, please don't feel pressured to complete an entire video on your own. if there are parts you are unsure of how to translate, feel free to leave those parts blank, and i'm sure another member of our wonderful community will be able to fill in those gaps 😊 this is also to help prevent mistranslations and misunderstandings, which we never want!
    it's eager and passionate fans like you who help bridge the language barrier between wayv and international fans, so i'm more than happy to allow people to use my english subs to translate into their own languages on the wayv subs & trans channel!
    for other content that you would like to translate, if it doesn't say "please take out only with credit and permission" (such as tweets), feel free to translate them directly and just give me a simple credit for the english translation.

    For content that does say "please take out only with credit and permission," shoot me a dm and i'll reply as soon as i can!
    team work truly makes the dream work, so thank you!🌎

    i've seen people refer to me as wayvsubs, wayvsubs2019, wayv subs & trans, and a whole bunch of other variations, so feel free to refer to me as any of those!

    as for my age, younger than Kun, older than Yangyang

    any other personal information... is private hehe

    If you would like to contact me, feel free to either dm me on twitter or email me!
    I'll try to respond as soon as I can 😊

    short sns clips




    solo works and Group Projects

    Resonance pt. 1
    Nectar - wayv

    the vision
    the 1st digital ep

    regular mv

    come back dance practice

    regular mv

    come back dance practice

    let me love u mv

    yeah yeah yeah

    love talk mv - eng version

    face to face - beyond live

    we go nanana

    turn back time - mv

    bad alive


    after midnight

    interlude: awaken the world

    only human


    up from here

    electric hearts

    stand by me

    horizon lyric video

    imlay feat. yangyang

    i'll be there
    zhoumi with kun & Xiaojun

    variety shows


    southern metropolis entertainment magazine print interview

    original interview in chinese




    "from xiao dejun to xiaojun" - 102 facts/tmi


    a collection of wallpapers by wayv subs and translations

    valentine's day themed

    "to me, wayv is home"

    wayv all songs lyrics word art


    a data visualization series by wayv subs and translations

    social media




    wayv universe theories by wayv subs and translations

    random video edits

    a collection of random video edits and crack videos by wayv subs and translations


    full name: qian kun ~ 钱锟
    DOB: january 1, 1996
    nationality: chinese
    languages: mandarin, korean, english (learning)


    full name: Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul ~ ชิตพล ลี้ชัยพรกุล
    Li Yongqin ~ 李永钦
    dob: february 27, 1996
    nationality: thai
    languages: Thai, korean, mandarin, english, japanese (learning)


    full name: Dong sicheng ~ 董思成
    dob: october 28, 1997
    nationality: chinese
    languages: mandarin, wenzhounese, korean, japanese (learning), english (learning)


    full name: huang xuxi/Wong yukhei ~ 黄旭熙
    dob: january 25, 1999
    nationality: hong kong
    languages: cantonese, mandarin, korean, english (learning)


    full name: xiao dejun ~ 肖德俊
    dob: august 8, 1999
    nationality: chinese
    languages: cantonese, mandarin, korean, english


    full name: huang guanheng ~ 黄冠亨
    dob: september 28, 1999
    nationality: macau
    languages: cantonese, mandarin, korean, english


    full name: liu yangyang ~ 刘扬扬
    dob: october 10, 2000
    nationality: taiwanese
    languages: mandarin, korean, english, german, spanish (basic knowledge)


    wayv ~ weishenv ~ 威神V
    debut date: january 17, 2019
    fandom name: wayzennis/weishennies
    fluent in: mandarin, korean, thai, english, cantonese, wenzhounese, german
    working/basic knowledge of: japanese, hokkien, teochew, spanish


    full name: louis
    debut date: may 4, 2020
    position: resident kitten #1 of wayv's dorm, eighth member of wayv
    languages: cat, wayv language



    full name: bella
    debut date: may 8, 2020
    position: resident puppy of wayv's dorm, ninth member of wayv
    languages: pup, wayv language


    full name: leon
    debut date: June 17, 2020
    position: resident kitten #2 of wayv's dorm, tenth member of wayv
    languages: cat, wayv language

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